Why Trump’s White House is embroiled in a hiring crisis

Democrats’ opposition to Trump’s candidates, some Republicans’ hesitation to work for an administration rocked by debate, and Trump’s reported treatment of administration officials. Inning accordance with The Washington Post, Trump’s Cabinet nominees had to wait 25 days in between being officially chosen and being voted on by the Senate. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Attorney general of the United States Jeff Sessions faced especially sharp questioning from congressional Democrats for their previous conduct, and Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos’ election nearly stopped working after two Republican senators voted against her, leading to a 50-50 stalemate. […] Vice President Mike Pence had to cast the tie-breaking vote to confirm DeVos. The Trump-Russia story has actually gotten even more steam ever since, following Trump’s abrupt choice to fire FBI director James Comey, a multitude of media reports that raised questions about the president’s and his partners’ ties to Russia, and Comey’s bombshell testimony before the Senate earlier this month. A lawyer who represents potential executive branch candidates likewise informed Politico that 3 clients said they were not thinking about working for Trump after former FBI director Robert Mueller was selected as a special prosecutor to spearhead the FBI’s Russia probe. The Post reported that some prospective candidates know Trump’s reported mood swings and regular irritation towards senior personnel and Cabinet members. The White Home and Trump’s spokespeople initially stated that Trump’s decision to eliminate the FBI director was based completely on the suggestion of Deputy Chief law officer Rod Rosenstein and had absolutely nothing to do with the intensifying Russia controversy. ‘Was this just mis-tweeted?’: Anchors face Trump legal representative who firmly insists ‘the president is not under examination’ Satisfy the dream team of legal representatives Robert Mueller has assembled for the Trump-Russia investigationTrump appears furious with his deputy chief law officer after a wild 2 days– and ‘resignation is a genuine severe possibility’SEE ALSO:

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