White House to assist Israel and Palestinians in collaboration on water contamination

The Trump administration states the United States will sign up with Israel and the Palestinian Authority on a concern seen as a rare place of common ground in the location: water contamination.

“Polluted water is the single largest reason for health problem and disease among babies in Gaza– consider that for a minute,” Jason Greenblatt, the White House Middle East envoy, said in a speech Monday in New york city City. Parents in Gaza can not even offer their kids a beverage of water without exposing them to significant risks.”

“Israel and the Palestinian Authority have both identified wastewater treatment and reuse in the West Bank and Gaza as a priority concern,” he included. “I am happy to announce that the United States will join them in this endeavor by working to advance a plan that changes the wastewater treatment and reuse sector in the West Bank and Gaza.”

Water has been one inroad in the Trump administration’s efforts to help bring peace between Israel and the Palestinians, and a concern Greenblatt has actually been included with for months.

In July, Greenblatt facilitated a water-sharing arrangement between Israel and the Palestinian Authority to assist provide extra water to the West Bank and Gaza Strip, in addition to Jordan.But this is a completely separate move, according to a White Home authorities, which includes developing a thorough wastewater treatment and reuse method, along with a system to fast-track the determined projects.The goal, the authorities stated, is to minimize contamination and provide

the Palestinians with extra treated water for farming reuse.”The United States anticipates dealing with global leaders in wastewater treatment to guarantee that this initiative is a success,”Greenblatt said in his remarks.While Greenblatt focuses on the practical issues of the co-existence of 2 de facto states, the White Home has not said it is devoted to the development of them. This move reflects the truth that the administration is attempting to make the status quo more livable, rather than fixing the larger issues right now.Greenblatt’s speech to the Ad-Hoc Intermediary Committee was positioned as separate from United Nations meetings taking location this week in New York. CBS News White House and Senior Foreign Affairs Reporter Margaret Brennan contributed to this report.


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