White House Reporter: I Criticized Huckabee Sanders Because ‘I Don’t Like Bullies’

Executive editor of the Guard and contributor to Playboy Brian Karem appeared on 2 cable news shows Wednesday early morning after going viral for his interaction with White House deputy press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders during Tuesday’s press briefing.Karem went to MSNBC’s”Early morning Joe “and CNN’s “New Day” to go over how he believed Sanders’ criticism of CNN belongs to a bigger pattern of damning the media, according to Mediaite. Karem initially went after Sanders while she was responding to another reporter’s question, calling her reaction “inflammatory” by attempting to encourage the American individuals that the president is ideal and the media is phony.

“New Day” co-host Chris Cuomo asked Karem what motivated the

exchange with Sanders.” I do not like bullies,”Karem stated. “I have actually been tired of being bullied, I have actually been tired of being blamed. I have actually been called an opponent of individuals. I’ve been told that we’re all fake media.”

Karem said that he did regard the White Home and knew it was Sanders’ prerogative to come out and speak on problems.

“I appreciate what the White Home does. It’s not wrong for the spokespersons of the White Home and the president to come out and put their spin on things,” Karem stated.

“But at the end of the day, I’ve been eyebrow beaten for six months and told I’m the enemy. To be quite sincere, it’s not accurate and it’s owning a wedge in between us and the public,” the Playboy factor said.Karem stated developing this gap in between the media and the public is detrimental to the Constitution and foundation of America.

“Those individuals in that space are merely trying to, as I said to Sarah, attempting to do their task. And to be brow-beaten every day and bullied isn’t really ideal and it’s got to stop,” Karem said.


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