White House Press Secretary triggers haters with shotgun picture

White House Press Secretary sets off haters with shotgun photo

Karen TownsendPublished at 5:31 pm on December 31, 2017

White Home Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders has the Trump haters in a snit. The female is discovering how to master her Twitter account and the left succumbs to it every time. And you believed Creative woman, that Sarah. So far, I haven’t seen an action from April Ryan.The predictable knee-jerk reaction from the left started on gun safety, as though all of a sudden the gun-haters are specialists. The critics tweeted out displeasure of the shotgun’s position on her shoulder which she wasn’t wearing earplugs or protective eyewear. Sanders has long hair and there is no chance anybody can figure out if she is using earplugs or not, as her hair covered her ears.Calmer voices tweeted that Sanders’position is completely appropriate for an individual who has actually currently taken a shot. Protective eyewear would not be essential at that point. What if she just took a selfie as she ended target practice?New Hampshire Agent and Assistant Majority Leader, Victoria Sullivan, tweeted a logical action: First they say she didn’t actually bake her own pies. Now they say she cannot shoot(They cannot read either, she plainly specifies she is not searching). If you are a conservative female, you are fair game. It’s ok, we are difficult adequate to take it. You go @PressSec!.?.!! #TrapShooting One of the reasons I appreciate Sarah Huckabee Sanders as presssecretary is her ability to trigger her critics, which inevitably does not end well for them. It appears a well-rounded Southern woman

brings out the worst of the. The first working mom to hold the title of White House Press Secretary likewise bakes and shoots skeet. I like that.Karen Townsend is a guest author at Hot Air. You can read her other work at her Pondering Penguin blog site. A longtime political blog writer and activist, she delights in blogging about life and culture, too. “By doing so one is saying there are safe zones and unsafe zones” The male who (primarily)wasn’t there.Trending on Townhall Media Couldn’t they have found a stool pigeon with a name that’s much easier to spell? “It was the biggest

display screen of public dissent since big pro-reform rallies

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I don’t expect you could simply more than happy that less people are being eliminated, huh?

Everything old is brand-new once again

Puts” data dispose” in a whole new light

“The very first time a married senior coworker got my rear end, I was surprised.”

“I’m always moving. I’m relocating both instructions.”

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