White House Denies ‘Quid Pro Quo’ in Kushner, Scarborough Conversation

The White Home is coming out to react to the accusation that Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski were @JoeNBC called WH men NOT other method around.”

And Fox News also also has a confidential White Home authorities estimated as stating,”This is getting blown up onTwitter and elsewhere as some sort of blackmail operation. The fact is even more mundane. In this case, Joe was speaking with Jared about his [bad] relationship with the president and a Enquirer struck piece he was anxious about.”President Trump weighed in on Twitter earlier after hearing the allegation, and the MSNBC host fasted to react: Viewed low rated @Morning_Joe for very first time in long time. PHONY NEWS. He called me to stop a National Enquirer short article. I stated no! Bad program You can enjoy CNN’s report above.


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