White House bans personal cellular phone from the West Wing

The White Home is banning making use of personal cellular phone within the West Wing, citing security concerns, a relocation that has actually triggered prevalent frustration amongst staffers.

“The security and stability of the technology systems at the White Home is a top concern for the Trump administration and therefore, starting next week, using all personal devices for both visitors and personnel will not be enabled in the West Wing,” White Home press secretary Sarah Sanders said in a statement Thursday morning.Sanders said staff will continue be able to conduct business on government-issued devices.The restriction on personal cell phones does not apply to the President, a person familiar with the choice says.The choice to prohibit personal cell phones had been under

conversation for months, but never executed. It’s a concept chief of personnel John Kelly drifted when he initially went into the administration in July, but had actually not decided to impose previously. It’s uncertain why the policy was announced this week.The standard is anticipated to apply to everyone– consisting of top officials like Hope Hicks– one person acquainted with the choice tells CNN.The policy has drawn the ire of those it will affect, with numerous staffers questioning how they are anticipated to remain in touch with their families while working 12-hour days.One source near to the White Home stated” no one enjoys “with the choice, including that nobody inside the West Wing believes the main description that the cell phone ban is for nationwide security

factors. Instead, it’s all about restricting leaks to reporters, this source said.Another source near White House stated the policy is focused on stopping dripping from inside the West Wing.”It’s not about being protected. It has to do with being suspicious, “the source said.In the early months of the Trump administration, previous White Home press secretary Sean Spicer reviewed his aides’individual and

government-issued cell phones in an effort to guarantee they weren’t privately interacting with press reporters in the middle of a series of information leaks. He likewise informed personnel that the usage of encrypted messaging apps, like Signal and Confide, was a violation of the Federal Records Act.Though Sanders said the phone restriction will begin”starting next week,”there has actually not yet been internal assistance on the policy, and it’s still unclear when it will work. Some staffers are likewise still wondering whether there will be any exemptions and what the consequences would be for breaching the personal cellular phone restriction.

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