White Home intern denies making white power hand indication

A White Home intern who was accused of making a white power hand sign in a group photo with other interns said Friday he was only imitating President Trump’s regular usage of the “OK” sign.The intern, Jack Breuer, informed The Daily Caller that he was Jewish and would never make a white power sign.

“In a few of our intern photos, I emulated the OK sign the President sometimes makes. That was silly. I should have listened more carefully to the Commander-in-Chief and provided the thumbs up,” Breuer said in his statement.Benjamin Paul”I

take pride in my Jewish heritage and highly decline

the hateful views associated with racist white power organizations. I would never make common cause with them,”he added.Breuer, who interned in the White Home in the fall, was first implicated of making the white power indication by the Daily Mail, which quoted other unnamed interns saying he had actually made the offensive sign.After the UK-based news outfit published its story online, Twitter illuminated with scores of people assaulting the Emory University

grad, calling him a Nazi and declaring that his existing company ought to fire him.White nationalists have used the exact same gesture because the OK sign allegedly resembles the letters W and P.But Trump frequently makes the very same sign with

a raised right-hand man when speaking publicly.AFP/ Getty Images

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