While traditional media scorn Melania’s shoes they’re drooling over Michelle Obama’s skirt

President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump have actually now made 2 sees to parts of Texas wrecked by Typhoon Harvey, first on Tuesday and again on Saturday.Ridiculousness Throughout the

trips, Melania’s clothing, and particularly her shoes, have been a huge subject of discussion. She was extensively bashed for using stiletto heels, which ended up being simply travel shoes, throughout her very first journey. She really visited in tennis shoes.The attention caused a style writer for Vogue publication to rake Melania and her style options over the coals.”Melania Trump’s Cyclone Stilettos, and the White Home

‘s Continual Failure to Understand Optics,”the Vogue headline read.She was likewise extensively slammed on social networks. Double requirement Nevertheless, when it came to previous first lady Michelle Obama today, liberals were drooling over Obama’s style options, particularly a skirt she was photographed using while on a private yacht in the Mediterranean.A news story from TMZ was particularly praising of Obama. It released a story with the heading:” Michelle Obama: Private yacht Know How I Roll. “”Michelle Obama’s life is on cruise control … and yes, we’re jealous as hell,” the press reporter said.The story featured pictures of Michelle in her beach wrap skirt.

The Daily Mail also committed an entire story to Obama’s outfit.Funny, funny Melania trolled her critics on Saturday when she once again wore stiletto heels while flying to Texas, only to later modification once on the ground.


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