Watergate Reporters BLAST ‘Smug’ Media’s Biased Treatment of President Trump

The reason the lying liberal media is dubbed “fake news” is because they’ve abandoned “journalism” and “reporting news” in order to use their platform to attempt and ruin President Trump.Outlets like CNN, MSNBC, ABC, and New York Times push wild narratives, inaccurate stories, and pepper their stories with a prejudiced anti-Trump agenda.

Watergate reporters Woodward and Bernstein blasted the media’s elitist attitude and smug tone versus President Trump.FromWashington Inspector

Veteran journalists Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein struck the news media Sunday for adopting an unnecessarily hostile “tone” in their coverage of the White Home.

Appearing Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union,” the 2 long time reporters said there ought to be less pettiness and outrage in the media when it pertains to President Trump.

“We oughtn’t be too intriguing, which we in some cases are with a president who’s putting a lot of bait out there and often we take the bait and get a little petty,” stated Bernstein.

“The tone is a big issue here,” added Woodward. “In lots of reporting, especially on tv commentary, there’s a type of self-righteousness and smugness and individuals type of mocking the president. When we reported on Nixon, it was certainly a really different age but we did not adopt a tone of ridicule. The tone was, exactly what are the truths?”

Trump himself has directly criticized the “tone” in the media’s protection of his administration and he frequently calls out exactly what he perceives as “phony news,” an attempt to reject negative coverage.

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