Watch: While Everybody Else Covered NYC Fear Attack, CNN/MSNBC Report on Trump’s Love for Diet plan Coke

There huged news out of New York City today when a terrorist detonated a pipeline bomb below the Port Authority Bus Terminal, injuring himself and 3 other people.It triggered massive turmoil in the bus terminal and the trains, needing an evacuation and shutting down for a duration of time.While most media was obviously covering the bombing exclusively, CNN and MSNBC chose to break away from the Islamic terrorist attack and focus on the really important info– President Donald Trump’s television routines and love of Diet plan Coke.From Daily Caller: CNN spoke to Michael D’Antonio, a CNN factor, about Trump’s TV-watching habits

and how much diet plan coke he drinks every day from 8:40 am ET to 8:47 am. “This is not, okay, what doctors would recommend!” anchor Alisyn Camerota exclaimed about the diet coke.

“The important things that would worry me more is this constant usage of fats and sugars and all sorts of things that’s bad

for you,”D’Antonio argued.”Any doctor would tell you that’s a dish for issues. “MSNBC’s”Morning Joe “had the same problem, discussing the same story for nearly 9 minutes from 8:40 am to 8:49 am.MSNBC contributor Nick Confessore dragged Trump for enjoying 4 hours of TV a day as the rest of the panel chuckled. “How does this impact the workflow of a White House?”Confessore asked.”Yeah, no concern it’s a great deal of TELEVISION time for any among us most likely,”Peter Baker, a reporter on the

NYT piece, chuckled.”He’s got it on when he’s going through papers or having a reasonably casual conference … when he doesn’t capture something immediately he’s got exactly what he calls his ‘very Tivo.'” Certainly, an Islamic terrorist attack wasn’t a top priority for them, not compared to a chance to attack Trump. This follows a really terrible week of phony news.

CNN and ABC published incorrect reports recommending Russia collusion that ended up being total rubbish.

And a Washington Post reporter spread out a picture buffooning Trump for supposedly having few individuals at his Florida rally. The reporter, Dave Weigel later admitted he was in error and apologized. He had actually formerly resigned from the WaPo in 2010, after showing bias against Republicans. The WaPo hired him back in 2015. Top priorities. [Keep in mind: This post was written by Nick Arama]


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