WATCH: Trump Protester Takes a Cop’s Pepper Ball Round TO THE NUTS (IMPRESSIVE VIDEO).

President Donald Trump achieved two goals with his speech at a Phoenix rally Tuesday night. He described his take on the last ten days of controversy, and he exposed the ANTIFA protesters as violent anarchists intent on destruction.The riots that broke out

after the President’s speech in downtown Phoenix did little to win any compassion for the anti-Trump cause. The rally itself was tranquil, as President Trump delivered a defiant speech that took goal at the media’s handling of the Charlottesville crisis. Even the protesters outside were calm, a minimum of until the rally ended and Trump fans left the Phoenix Convention Center.A small group of exactly what appeared to be ANTIFA-inspired protesters started attacking authorities, tossing rocks, bottles, and what was thought to be gas grenades. Phoenix police reacted with tear gas and pepper balls in order to distribute the crowd. A Trump protester was the recipient of among those pepper balls– in the worst method possible. < a href = rel=noopener target=_ blank >, part of the NBC affiliate station in Phoenix, supplies details.In completion, 4 people were arrested and two officers were treated for heat exhaustion. Of the four detained, 2 face charges of intensified

assault, one deals with criminal damage charges and the other was arrested on an unrelated warrant.The 2 officers are expected to be OK but were still in the medical facility as of late Tuesday night.Police started deploying pepper balls and tear gas into the crowd, apparently due to the fact that people were

throwing rocks and bottles at authorities.” They had their own gas and they threw it at cops.

They didn’t throw our own gas,”Cops Chief Jeri Williams stated. She stated that’s exactly what a staff member informed her what happened. Williams said it happened near the

Herberger Theatre along Monroe Street.Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton highlighted that the rally and the protesters were mainly tranquil other than for a couple of individuals.” A very small number of individuals decided to devote acts of attack on our law enforcement officer, including the gas that was pointed out and rocks and that was really unfortunate,”Stanton said.While authorities stated protesters tossed gas at them, some protesters told 3TV/CBS 5 that the officers were unprovoked. Simply after more 9 p.m., and then again around 9:15, more “flash bangs “went too, and more tear gas was sprayed.An organizer of among the largest demonstrations stated his group did not start the violence

.”It was serene,” Carlos Garcia of Puente Arizona told our Mike Watkiss.”We began getting shot at by rubber bullets. “When asked if using force was warranted, Williams said, “Absolutely.” A local news station caught a Trump protester on video, kicking a smoke bomb towards police. He recieved exactly what seemed a pepper ball to his nuts for his efforts.Here is the video. Enjoy.There is no word on whether the Trump protester was jailed or gotten medical attention.What do you believe of the Trump protester who took a pepper ball to the balls? Let us know in the comments

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