WATCH: President Trump says we should STAND for the Anthem; Democrats STAY SEATED

We currently had a general concept of what does it cost? Democrats disliked the National Anthem, but that was on full display screen Tuesday night throughout the State of the Union address.When Trump highlighted the importance of meaning our nationwide anthem, Democrats sat there STONE FACED and stayed seated. They didn’t even clap for our flag or our country!Twitter responded to Trump’s epic patriotism: “We happily represent the national anthem!”And Democrats sit.I never ever believed I would see

the day an American political party not support standing throughout

the national anthem Revolting Democrats. They can not be allowed near power #SOTU he shoved sitting for #SOTU Trump stated”We proudly represent our National Anthem. “Perhaps half the Democrats in the room stood.NATIONAL ANTHEM!!!!! HE WENT THERE! #SOTU Not a surprise Democrats do

not support standing throughout the nationwide anthem … Some liberals

even suggested that Trump’s require standing for

the anthem is a”racist canine whistle”:”Why we proudly mean the nationwide anthem.”We can hear the pet whistle

from over here. #TakeAKnee Church … family … cops … military … the national anthem … Trump attempting to contact all the tropes of 1950s-era nationalism. The goal of this speech appears to be to require the normalization of Trump on the regards to the bygone age his advocates are nostalgic for. #SOTU Trump tossing out culture war red

meat to his base, speaking about the flag and the national anthem LIKE THEY WERE EVER IN JEOPARDY. Protest is patriotic.And positive leaders can deal with dissent.< a href ="" > #SOTU Yikes, these Democrats are method out of touch with the American people. We LOVE our country and we will never ask forgiveness for it!!!


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