WATCH: CNN Factor Tosses Racial Epithet at Black Republican On Air

During a live broadcast aired on CNN on Monday, Democrat supporter Keith Boykin cast doubt on the “blackness” of black Republican commentator Paris Dennard.Mr.

Dennard, who worked as the Director of Black Outreach in the George W. Bush White House reacted with anger as Boykin tried to race-shame him.Allegations of”Uncle

Tom “behaviour are frequently tossed by left-wing activists as a way to silence or pity minorities who lean conservative. Recently, the phenomenon infect Muslims or ex-Muslims who discover their political obligations on the right of the political spectrum.Speaking about the Charlottesville violence, Boykin baited Dennard, specifying:”I’m embarrassed that you as an African-American, Paris, will not state [that President Trump has actually not done enough]

Dennard started to react: “Keith, I do not need you to try and pull my black card. I am aware of my blackness and do not need you to try and categorize me as being one”.

At this point, Boykin inserted, “Are you?” Calling Dennard’s blackness into concern.

“Keith, don’t go there,” responded a visibly perturbed Dennard. “Do not go there. I understand exactly what it implies to be a black individual in this nation. I have experienced racism on a routine basis, by being a Trump supporter, and by being a happy American who occurs to be a Republican. I get racist comments about my family. About my mother. About my sweetheart. About my character. Each and every single day and mostly originating from black individuals”.

Boykin then condescended Dennard, telling him to “relax” over the racist remark.

“I won’t soothe down,” stated Dennard. “I will not be assaulted by you about my blackness since I occur to be a Republican.Earlier in the day, the network asked Republican politician Ken Cuccinelli to apologise to Bernie Sanders supporter Symone D. Sanders after she continuously yelled over him throughout an on-air discussion.


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