WATCH: Black Republican has EPIC response to Trump NATO “shove”

Depending upon your news source, two days ago President Donald Trump nudged/grabbed/pushed/ shoved/body knocked Dusko Markovic, the Prime Minister of Montenegro (a nation that probably 80 percent of Americans have no concept where it even is) in an effort to get to the front of a group of NATO leaders whom he ‘d just complete completely informing off hours before by letting them know that their deadbeat methods are no longer acceptable.

The rather aggressive relocation by Trump drew whatever from gasps of shock to “see, we told you so” from the United States mainstream media. However one social media pundit found the alpha male relocation by Trump to be about the most incredible thing he’s seen in years.

Media LOSES IT over exactly what Trump just carried out in front of G7 leaders in Sicily WATCH: Black Republican politician has IMPRESSIVE reaction to Trump NATO “shove”

Uh-oh: MORE Hannity rumors … Shortly after the Trump/Markovic episode struck the news feeds Henry Davis submitted a selfie of his reaction to seeing Trump getting to the front of the line the old-fashioned method and the 92-second long clip has actually captured viral fire.

Far from disturbed with his president’s habits, Davis has a slightly different take on the relocation than CNN, MSNBC, New York Times or any of the other Trump alarmists. Carrying his inner Ric Style, Davis provides among the most impressive Trump rants to date.

See for yourself [Caution: Language]


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