WaPo: Trump admin looking to privatize space station

Washington (CNN)Rather than ditch the International Area Station when its funding through 2024 ends, the Trump administration is aiming to turn it over to the economic sector, the Washington Post reports.

The Post reported Sunday that an internal NASA document it got states, “It is possible that industry might continue to run certain aspects or capabilities of the ISS as part of a future industrial platform.”

It continues, “NASA will broaden international and commercial collaborations over the next seven years in order to make sure continued human access to and existence in low Earth orbit.”

The report came ahead of the White House’s spending plan proposition for next , anticipated to be released Monday, which the Post stated includes a funding request intended at making sure that “industrial followers to the ISS” are operational.The White House did not

immediately respond to a demand for discuss the report.A report on the tech website

The Edge said a draft of the budget plan proposition anticipated ending funding for the spaceport station after 2024, which the Post report subsequented with news that the administration was seeking to keep the ISS functional, however not on its cent or under its authority.The station is a joint project of a number of space-faring countries, and NASA has actually contracted with private business, like Boeing and SpaceX, to reach it in the last few years. In 2014, the Obama administration supported funding for the station through 2024, and the prospective transfer of the ISS to personal hands would mark a considerable action in the pattern towards private companies engaging in area travel.Initiatives included in administration budget plan proposals are not always reflected in the appropriations authorized by Congress, and, as the Post kept in mind, a plan to phase out the ISS would likely deal with pushback from lawmakers.CNN’s Ryan Nobles contributed to this report.


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