VIDEO: Baby killed in car that was knocked off North-South Highway, child seat not properly secured

An awful accident happened on the North-South Highway the other day that claimed a young life. Bernama reports that a three-month old child kid died after the cars and truck that he remained in was knocked-off the roadway by a roaming car at KM433.8 northbound near Kuala Kubu Baru.The infant,

named Aril Rizqin Redza Shahril, was verified dead at the Sungai Buloh Healthcare facility. The cars and truck was driven by his daddy Shahril Salleh. The victim’s father, mother and 2 brothers– aged 4 and 11– continual small injuries.The footage above is from the dashcam of Kugan Kathegesen, who was just behind when the accident occurred. It reveals the white hatchback minding its own business in the slow lane when a black sedan from the middle lane gradually drifted to the left.It at first pushed the white

vehicle, prior to recovering for a full shoulder barge that knocked it off the roadway and into the drain. The angering automobile, driven by one S. Nishanty inning accordance with Hulu Selangor police, then spun into the divider.

Eyewitness Kugan stopped to assist the liberate the child, who was trapped in the cars and truck. The young victim was gotten rid of from the vehicle bloody and still, inning accordance with the kind soul. PLUS’ highway patrol called for the ambulance, which got here Thirty Minutes later.It fills us with sadness and anger to learn more about this event and to see how it happened– a totally innocent family now grieves their loss child. The victim’s parents did invest in a child seat, but as seen in other images, it was discovered beyond the vehicle and Kugan did not see a kid seat when lending aid. As the rest of the family got away with minor injuries, an effectively set up kid seat might have made a distinction. It’s a reminder for moms and dads with

young children– remember to offer the ideal type of child seats and make sure that the seats are correctly installed for optimum security. Then, the kid should be strapped in effectively. The most typical mistakes include: Kid seat installed incorrectly or too loose– really common.Inappropriate vehicle seat

  • for the kid’s age, height and weight, i.e. three-year-old in a baby provider, or in a booster seat.Child seat set up, however kid not bucked in or very loosely harnessed– either because child complained it’s too tight, or kid unbuckled themselves.Child harnessed, however seat not installed– parents thinking as long as the child is buckled in, they’re safe.Incorrect harness slot utilized– particular
  • seats need harness slot changes as the child grows.Using harmed or ended car seats.Remember to tick the above list prior to triggering, even for short journeys. Make sure both the child seat and the kid are properly harnessed. The video above shows you what to look out for, and how it’s done.

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