VICE News Retracts Two More Trump #FakeNews Stories – Internal Investigations Launched…

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104 Responses to VICE News Retracts Two More Trump #FakeNews Stories – Internal Investigations Launched…

  1. C. Lowellsays:

    DJT is such a boss! It’s often a thing of beauty to behold…

  2. PaulyWalnutssays:

    Not tired of winning. Not even a little bit.

  3. Howiesays:

    Get after them boy’s they are starting to run.

    • says:

      Howie they really are! Look what Crying Chuck had to do today to buy time for Barry and his minions. The problem for him and Barry is that Senator Chuck Grassley wants them to fry as bad as you and me!

      From the article linked above;

      A national security briefing for Senate Judiciary Committee members was scuttled Wednesday after a top Democrat invoked a procedural rule to delay the closed-door meeting.

      Committee members had expected to use the briefing to press for further details about the Obama White House’s steps to “unmask” of members of the Trump campaign and transition officials. Lawmakers on the committee said Tuesday they intended to use the briefing to press for more information on the process by which intelligence agencies identified Americans whose communications were picked up as part of monitoring of foreigners outside the United States.

      The delay earned rebuke from Sen. Charles Grassley, the head of the committee that had expected to be briefed.

  4. Howiesays:

    • 2x4x8says:

    • keebler AC ovfefesays:

      People should print that nothingburger image and distribute it everywhere possible. This is the time to catch to catch the wave and end Fake News CNN and all the other propaganda news outlets. Write on it too, turn off CNN in public places like dentist and doctor offices, shopping malls and airports! It’s NECESSARY TO HELP T45!

      • G. Combssays:

        Print it out, zerox it and send it to ALL your state local newspapers!!!

        Send it to all your Congress Offal!

  5. says:

    This is “libel” to get more and more interesting!

    • G. Combssays:

      4. Freedom of Speech Further Defined: New York Times Co. v. Sullivan (1964)

      […] The Court held that the First Amendment protects the publication of all statements — even those later proven false —unless they’re made with actual malice, or knowledge that they’re false or reckless. The Court dismissed Sullivan’s case and established that publicly elected officials must prove an actual intent to harm in cases of libel or defamation.

      O’Keefe is showing malice, knowledge that they reports are false AND recklessness by promoting increasing tension between the USA and Russia.

  6. TigerBearsays:

    LMAO And this dear folks is called……CYA….a.k.a. COVER YOUR ASS! They see the writing on the wall! Running scared now?! 😄

  7. Lunatic Fringesays:

    Sadly, I liked Vice and how they were somewhat irreverent and willing to take on stories that sometimes got ignored even if I didn’t agree with everything at least I thought they were sincere. (and before you throw stones, yes, I do read and view things with other points of view and other perspectives. My seven remaining brain cells are fully capable of thinking for myself even when subjected to NPR and VFNN and, I guess, made up crap from Vice).

    I guess the temptation to join the mob was too hard for Vice to resist. For shame.

    • Sandra-VAsays:

      I still like VICE – they cover stories other outlets do not cover.

  8. says:

    That truly is one of my very favorite pictures of the President along the way. The creative captions are endless. 🙂

    • Coldeadhandssays:

      My caption for today, “seriously…it’s VERY fake news!”

      • lastinillinoissays:

        I also like the “complicated business folks, complicated business”

        • says:

          OH YES!! The best. However, he now knows that WE all know that we’re really truly winning.

          Because it is……easy. So easy.

        • NJFsays:

          That was one of the most perfect responses to that situation.

          Idk “bc you’d be in jail” may still be #1 though.

  9. Alisonsays:

    Some rag called VICE writing fake Trump tabloids & Playboy in the Press Room? ??

    Complicated Business, Folks 😂😂

    At some point one or two of these scapegoats who are resigning/getting fired are going to talk. They are losing their jibs while the higher ups claim an ‘unknown’ SNAFU in tge editorial process.
    Hope Project Veritas asks to interview those newly unemployeds.

  10. Alisonsays:

    Sundance, I know we’re winning ‘cuz you have repeatedly replaced Dr. Phil’s quizzical concern photo with President Trump’s “I told ya so” gesture. So delicious.

  11. AmericaFirstsays:

    You’ve been quite busy. I want to take a brief interlude from political commentary to say thank you for bringing so very much to the attention of those who want REAL news; I’ve appreciated it for the last year.

  12. flounder, rebel, vulgarian, deplorable, winnersays:

  13. rumpole2says:

    If “news” sites are just gonna make stuff up… they should think about getting rid of human “reporters” and automating the process. The standard of basic English writing is very low anyway, as you would imagine from people who appear to be ignorant of facts and incapable of learning (Stupid people). I imagine that there are already systems to automatically generate good English prose… maybe a feature could be that the reader can “select his own facts”.. select and add in as much political bias etc. Chose the literary style… from Shakespearean to gangster rap. Personally I would prefer my news stories to be in the style of Douglas Adams… but that’s just me 🙂

    • lastinillinoissays:

      I would prefer my news in limericks form:

      “The President will be visiting nantucket ….”

      • rumpole2says:

        Yeah… limericks are good..
        There once was a crook named Hillary
        Wed to a rapist named Billary

        • H.R.says:

          Her carcass is gone, but the stench lingers on…
          Oh wait, they just hid it with frillery.

      • duchess01says:

        Put some change in the poor man’s bucket…

      • duchess01says:

        The President will be visiting Nantucket;
        Put some change in the poor man’s bucket;
        But Melania said ‘No’;
        Not enough, you know;
        So they bought him a house in Pawtucket!

    • Reenasays:

      And to think, Douglas Adams was only 3 off, the answer was 45, not 42. We’ll forgive it, seeing as how it was The Hitchhiker himself. 😉

      • bofhsays:

        Well, the answer for sure wasn’t “42”! (Hint: Bubba Clintoon)

      • jmcleversays:

        I see what you did there! 😀

    • rumpole2says:

      Seems DIM Senators (and Congress-things) intend voting “NO” on everything. I really think we should accept that.. record their vote as an automated “NO” for all future bills etc,,.. and release them to go home. That would at least save cost of housing and tending to them in Washington

    • WSBsays:

      • WSBsays:

        Maybe this is why the presstitutes are a little uptight. They are obviously hiding the story of the century. Now, onto the lawyers.

  14. Warrior1says:

    Fake reporter brian 56 years old karem says the press has shown respect to the white house for 6 months. HAhahahahahhaaa.

    • Reginasays:

      to “that man”– what better demonstration of his Lack of respect

    • beaujestsays:

  15. Troublemaker10says:

    The bad news is that most who read the fake news don’t see the later retraction.

  16. snaggletoothssays:

    I have never gone to this Vice news I saw some articles Yesterday about TIME magazine saying Trump made phony magazine covers (2009) to hang in his golf courses? ! they want them immediately taken down! The media so stupid on so many levels its mind boggling.

  17. TreeperInTrainingsays:

    A bit long, but here are my thoughts:

    You know…I’m not a vindictive person. Uhm. Ok. I am.

    What’s really funny about this is that it was the Dems and the Prog Media that pushed this fake news thing. Think back to this article:

    These people were gleeful over this…their readers and listeners bought the hype and were looking for Ruskies under their bed….and everyone on that side was more than happy to stifle free speech and freedom of the press, Orwellian style, based on a pile of steaming horseshit from a company nobody ever heard of and an article that had to be ammended, retracted and updated several times. Yeah. It was all good.

    Fast forward to today. Retractions everywhere. No breathless McCarthy list. No push by repubs for social media to censor fake news. Nope. We are calling them on their lies…one article and one lie at a time. Its beautiful. It’s exactly the way it should be done.

    And now, instead of having a warning label on it (like the progs wanted), all bets are off and the readers and listeners are holding these journalist’s toes to the fire..and WaPo , CNN and the NYT’s have become synonymous with lies, retractions, Pravda and fake news…and we didnt have to ban anyone or anything to do it.

    Free speech. Free press. The truth will out, especially when the electorate is paying attention.

  18. Jimmy Jacksays:

    I’m getting dizzy from all the winning so far this week.

    • WSBsays:

      #ThreeScoopThursdays and #FightingFridays…We’re almost there Jimmy Jack!

      • says:

        Three scoops of Covfefe ice cream? Yum!

        • jmcleversays:

          With the biggest, most beautiful piece of chocolate cake!

  19. patrickhenrycensoredsays:

    The Mainstream Media
    Where the only thing less credible than you….
    Is the U S Congress.

  20. WSBsays:

    So now we are reading fake news stories about a fake Hall of Presidents? It MUST be 5 o’clock somewhere…

  21. Pamsays:

    These media outlets are running scared. They are quickly becoming irrelevant and they know it.

  22. BlindSquirrel (@StanHjerleid)says:

    Just started Sharyl Attkisson’s book “The Smear” and in the first few pages she says –“The smear business is interminable and eminently profitable. It’s silently turned into one of the largest white-collar industries in Washington, D.C. It’s making thousands of people rich. It’s becoming one of our biggest global exports.”

  23. Southern Sonsays:

    The Wins are comin’ Daily now.
    Strong Hand played a Bad Hand.
    And Unfortunately, Mike Flynn fell too.
    But these cannot be considered Losses for the Trump Team, as P45 did the Right Thing in both cases.
    In War, Casualties are to be expected.
    The Left and Never Trumpers, have not really had a great day, since 11/8/16.
    I. Love. Winning!!

    Press ON! PResident Trump to MAGA!!

    • Reginasays:

      don’t be too sure about Flynn taking a fall – he may be running the greatest sting of all time against the leakers 🙂

      • jmcleversays:

        That would be EPIC. I hope you are right and that he is secretly getting the best intel to My President!

      • M. Muellersays:

        I really hope so. The short time he was in office, I felt safer. Agree with President Trump that, “Flynn’s a good guy.”

      • G. Combssays:

        I too think Flynn may still be working behind the scenes. I have seen nothing showing he had his Security Clearance revoked esp since he was cleared.

  24. missmarple2says:

    If you ask me, since both stories retracted seem to be about Disney and its internal workings, I would guess the story was fed to Vice by a malicious anti-Trump Disney employee.

    Disney, knowing full well that a huge amount of their park business comes from The Deplorables, not the Georgetown anti-Trump set, had the Mouse attorneys lay down the law to Vice.

  25. Killdozersays:

    I would like to retract my comment I made about AG J. Sessions I posted about a week or so ago ,I made the comment because of fake News I read somewhere ,I said he was dithering and effeminate and I am retracting that now .Thank you and Im sorry

    • AmericaFirstsays:

      See, conservatives make a correction when needed, contrary to Brian S.’s assertion.

      By the way, lots of people were persuaded of Sessions non-action in the last few months, because he does not act publicly very often, and then usually only when it is the result of dogged investigation.

      • Killdozersays:

        I’m redacting my Pompeo is a pig state pos post too

        • M. Muellersays:

          Laughing now. Anything else? 🙂

          • Killdozersays:

            .Now that you mention it on the Caroline Glick page I was ripping McMasters a new one and on the “Commentary Magazine” page I was dragging Rosenstein over the coals but that’s it ,I’m not trying to be under investigation Mr. Mueller if thats where this is going ,so I’m coming clean now retracing retracting ,redacting ,and wipe ing ,, Just saying ,I’m clean

    • H.R.says:

      jmclever: “I hope Sarah Palin ends up owning The New York Times.”

      If the gave her the business in settlement, that’s like what, $200.00? She couldn’t get attorney fees out of the re-sale 😉

  26. rjcylonsays:

    Vice News Investigation:
    Investigator: “Can you explain to me what happened?”
    Progressive journalist: “Yeah, it’s a made up story about Trump and Disney World.”
    Investigator: “Who told you to do that?”
    Progressive journalist: “You did, sir.”
    Investigator: “Very well, carry on. Investigation complete.”

  27. Sandra-VAsays:

    The replies to this are so “adorable”! These people are mental.

  28. nwtexsays:

  29. mysticrose80says:

    Big wins, small wins…I’ll take them all. Please keep ’em coming. As the “wise” Hildabeast would say “I don’t feel no ways tired (of winning)”.

  30. Jimmy Jacksays:

    Btw, since AT&T now owns CNN we should direct our ire at AT&T for allowing this.

  31. georgiaflsays:

  32. georgiaflsays:

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