Uh-oh: Democrats just got caught in ANOTHER massive lie…

As a vote on the American Healthcare Act (AHCA) looms in the Senate, cue the fear-mongering about those who will lose coverage.

Obviously, concerns about lost protection from Congressional Democrats just extend to those who will lose insurance coverage obtained through Obamacare– not those who were told they ‘d have the ability to keep their plans, then lost them. Never ever mind that the law just fueled escalating healthcare expenses and deductibles (that have gotten so high that much of the recently insured can barely even access their own medical insurance).

We’re told that 23 million people will lose coverage if Obamacare is reversed– and after that individuals will be dying in the streets (though somehow nobody was dying in the streets prior to Obamacare existed).

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BREAKING: CBO approximates 23 million individuals will lose health insurance over next 10 years under American Health Care Act

— NBC News (@NBCNews) ‘s indefensible when there’s real information available to plug into the computations. So when you take away individuals who already don’t have protection

under Obamacare however who CBO has decided would hypothetically do so in the years ahead, and substitute real enrollment numbers for CBO ‘s outdated and disproven forecasts, just a couple of million of the” 23 million”would actually lose existing protection– and these individuals would receive tax credits to buy new strategies, a number of which would cost less under the AHCA. We must also mention that millions who ‘d”lose” coverage would do so voluntarily, agreeably picking not to purchase an item that the federal government is no longer requiring them to purchase.So simply puts, the majority of those “losing”protection never ever had it in the very first location, or were merely acquiring it due to the fact that they were forced to. That’s hardly as scary as the headlines informing us that”under TrumpCare, 10s of millions will go without healthcare.”[

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