Trump’s White House feuds are even better reimagined as a pro-wrestling special

We’re simply weeks away from the WWE’s yearly late-summer smörgåsbord of expert sports home entertainment, SummerSlam. But for all the hype of the second-biggest professional fumbling program of the year (behind spring’s WrestleMania), the real fights are simmering in Washington, D.C.While stories about a White House at war with itself have been flowing for months, the situation struck a brand-new level of surreal today as brand-new White Home Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci ban, is frequently thought about sympatico with Bannon;

The Atlantic called Bannon and Miller”the essential figures of what might be called the Breitbart wing.” The wild card in all of this is Vice President Mike Pence people from the military however he likewise seems to be attempting to keep his hands as tidy as he can in a White Home filled with pig slop. And he’s also silently doing a loooooot of fundraising. Is he simply taking that function over for Trump, who obviously isn’t really a fan of this type of glad-handing? Or is there something much deeper, like, say, setting himself up for his own run down the line, specifically if this Russian investigation actually manages to sink Trump before his first term is up?Whatever the case, Kushner and Ivanka Trump are making a point to appear to one upcoming charity event to show the world,”SEE? EVERYTHING IS FINE BETWEEN THE PRESIDENT AND THE VICE PRESIDENT.”Fluid alignments and tag group betrayals are hallmarks of pro wrestling: you help me today but I’ll turn

on you as quickly as it’s to my benefit. Bannon and Miller appear like a strong team. However will Pence stick with Kushner? Or will he stab Kushner in the back to make his own way?It might be a tag-team match however there’s more than one story to follow which is exactly what the finest professional fumbling is everything about. The Undercard Okay, so those are

the big 3 matches we ‘d like to see. But there are plenty of other matches to be had and pad this one out into a full-fledged occasion.

Ivanka’The Power Match’Trump vs. Paul’TRX ‘Ryan in a ladder match over household leave Hanging above the ring is a copy of Ivanka Trump’s household leave proposal, a pet little bit of legislation

that Ivanka has actually obviously been pressing her daddy for. Paul Ryan is a huge fan of spending time with his household however, conveniently, really dislikes paid family leave.The first person to get a ladder up in the ring, scale it, and get the costs will win. The No-Comment Ninja Sarah Huckabee Sanders vs. the remainder of the White

Home interactions personnel in a”Stop the leakages!”Fight Royale Can Sanders keep the rest of her staff from dripping? Will the remainder of the staff, armed with juicy chatter, have the ability to outlive Sanders and each other to get their

bit of info to the Washington Post ? Kellyanne ‘Alternative Realities’ Conway vs. The Fourth Estate Anderson Cooper in a Loser Leaves Town Eyeroll Match Required a break from the fisticuffs?

How about an one-on-one interview where Cooper and Conway take a seat for half an hour and if Conway can make it through the

entire thing without saying something that makes Cooper roll his eyes, she wins and Cooper needs to retire from CNN.But if Cooper gets exasperated enough to drop the facial expression shade on Conway, Kellyanne needs to load her bags and bid the White Home adieu.Sure, Cooper isn’t part of the White House and even tangentially linked (like Paul Ryan), but it’s HIGH STAKES!So ice down the beer, toss some steaks on the grill, and prepare yourself for a night

loaded with White Home enjoyable. It’s the kind of mayhem this White Home was born to bring.


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