Trump Warsaw Speech to Focus on Poland’s National Example

President Donald Trump leaves for Europe Wednesday early morning ahead of the Group of 20 summit in Hamburg Friday and Saturday. Instead of beginning off with meetings with the leaders of conventional allies of the United Kingdom, France, and Germany, the president will initially travel to our NATO ally Poland. Trump’s visit has actually been accepted by the ruling Law and Justice celebration, Poland’s conservative populist party whose leaders have actually assured the American president the possibility to provide a public speech in Warsaw Thursday. The speech, still being finalized, is being written by leading speechwriter Stephen Miller and 2 additional authors on Miller’s team. One source tells me Tony Dolan, the previous speechwriter for Ronald Reagan, is encouraging the White Home on both the trip and the speech. I’m informed Trump’s address in Warsaw will be an “uplifting speech” that will focus on Poland’s history of perseverance and its nationwide identity. There will be a contrast, with some degree of subtlety, in between the Polish example and what Trump perceives as a globalist outlook embraced by leaders in Western Europe.

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