Trump wants to privatize the International Space Station

The Trump administration is considering turning the International Spaceport station over to the economic sector and ending its federal financing, inning accordance with an internal NASA file acquired by Federal Aviation Administration’s Industrial Space Transportation Conference. Cruz said he hoped reports of ending station financing would “show as unproven as Bigfoot” and blamed it on “numskulls” at the Workplace of Management and Budget. “As a fiscal conservative, you know one of the dumbest things you can to is cancel programs after billions in investment when there is still severe functional life ahead,” he said, though he certified that he was open to “reasonable propositions.”

Privatizing the ISS a wasteful concept. Even if it weren’t, it’s unclear how a privatized spaceport station could operate. Frank Slazar, the vice president of space systems for the Aerospace Industries Association, explained to the @ElonMusk and @SpaceX on the effective< a href= ""> #FalconHeavy launch. This accomplishment, in addition to @NASA’s commercial and worldwide partners, continues to show American resourcefulness at its best!!.?.!— Donald J. Trump(@realDonaldTrump) February 7, 2018


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