Trump Threatens to ‘Totally Damage’ North Korea In Speech

Trump on Tuesday.Photo: Spencer Platt/Getty Images

In a speech to the U.N. General Assembly Tuesday early morning, President Trump stated that if “required to defend itself or our allies,” the United States “will have no option however to completely damage North Korea.”

Utilizing his new nickname for Kim Jong-un, Trump stated that”Rocket Guy is on a suicide mission for himself & & for his regime.”

uncertain whether he plans to end it.

The president referred to “loser terrorists,”who wish to “destroy our nation or destroy the entire world.” And he said the world should fight versus “radical Islamic terrorism,” a phrase that H.R. McMaster, his National Security Consultant, had actually pressed him for him

to avoid. Trump also asked that countries pledge aid to crisis-racked Venezuela, calling for “the full repair of democracy” and singling out the nation’s leftward drift as the cause of its failings.

“The issue in Venezuela is not that socialism has been badly implemented, but that socialism has actually been consistently carried out,” he said to spread laughter.

Trump’s belligerent address made at least one fan amongst presidents: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who said that he had actually not heard “a more courageous speech” in his Thirty Years at the U.N.


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