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President Trump on Thursday threatened to cease relief efforts in Puerto Rico, where a humanitarian crisis has actually been underway for the past three weeks.In a series of tweets early Thursday early morning, Trump pointed out tv journalist Sharyl Attkisson– whose show Full Measure airs on stations owned by the right-leaning Sinclair Broadcast Group– while indicating Puerto Rico’s pre-existing debt, which was afflicting the United States territory long in the past Hurricane Maria made landfall as a Category 4 storm.”‘Puerto Rico made it through the Hurricanes, now a monetary crisis looms largely of their own making,’states Sharyl Attkisson, “Trump tweeted.” A total absence of accountability say the Guv. Electric and all facilities was disaster before hurricanes. Congress to choose what does it cost? to spend.”” We can not keep FEMA, the Armed Force & the First Responders, who have been fantastic(under the most difficult situations)in P.R. forever!”he continued.”Puerto Rico survived the Hurricanes, now a financial crisis looms largely of their own

making. “states Sharyl Attkisson. A total absence of …– Donald J. Trump( @realDonaldTrump ) October 12 , 2017

… responsibility say the Guv. Electric and all infrastructure was catastrophe before cyclones. Congress to choose what does it cost? to invest …– Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) made recommendation to the island’s debt when again.

“I hate to inform you, Puerto Rico, however you’ve tossed our budget plan a little out of whack– due to the fact that we’ve invested a lot of cash on Puerto Rico,” Trump stated throughout a briefing.

Trump breaks silence, blames Puerto Rico for humanitarian disaster The president called out the island’s debt and struggles after days of tweeting about football.Those remarks discussed poorly both on the island and on the mainland. Puerto Rico’s 3.4 million residents have dealt with an uphill battle in garnering attention from the White Home regardless of the seriousness of the island’s crisis. A minimum of 45 people have actually died because the cyclone hit, a number that is expected to increase. More than 110 individuals also stay unaccounted for.As of Wednesday

The Guardian reported on Wednesday that food scarcities were also ending up being an issue; according to its report, roughly 200,000 meals were being prepared each day to feed around 2 million residents. FEMA officials later avoided commenting when inquired about the food scarcities by ThinkProgress.

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