Trump: Smart Voters Do Not Vote For Democrats

  • I would hope his “smart citizens” ask themselves, “Gee, what does it cost? ‘excellent wealth’ has he added to my wallet?” before they cast their votes.

    • “I got a whole 2 bucks a week! I absolutely will vote Republican!”

    • Smart ≠ Trump citizens.
      Then again, they do vote. More than we can state of ourselves.I’ll get about an additional 700.00 on my tax check this year. Remember when Bush offered me a measly 500.00? I do. I likewise remember the crash in 2008 and how the 2 were directly associated! Republicans damage whatever they touch.Our country is contaminated with leprosy aka republicans.Just too silly to comment on.That’s an insult to asses.Well, at least

      • he corresponds. Sheesh. And it’s his voters who really get out and vote while we sophisticates stay home.Does he actually

        believe many people own stocks?I guarantee you those goofballs

        • at his rallies do not.

      • My spouse is into monetary forecasts and forecasters and follows a large range of knowledgeable predictors. One in specific who’s

      • on the conservative side and has an outstanding track record of getting

      • it right is anticipating a Democratic takeover of the Home

    • in November.THIS is something that pisses me off. They program their fans to hate us, make us the enemy. We are not just an opposing celebration– we are the wicked enemy. We saw that in AL where time and again we heard individuals saying they just might not choose a Democrat. We are all Americans, we are not the

    • enemy.Those individuals are binary. More than 2 options and they shut down. Good/bad. Yes/no. Toss a maybe in there and it’s “Uh … “I disagree. The 1% have actually declared war on the rest people. Not satisfied with having sufficient loan for 100 life times, they desire more … and plan on drawing from us.

      They may call themselves Americans, but they possess not one iota of commitment to this country.I agree with that however the bad folks that vote GOP see us as the enemy too which is the huge problem. We are all Americans but they don’t see it that way.The One Percent strives to encourage the poor folks of that due to the fact that 1 %can not get anyone elected by themselves.Yeah. Well, you cannot repair stupid.Maybe smart voters would see that their Republic is being dismantled and sold or straight-out taken by the oligarchs and Dems are the last best hope for the rest people not to reside in a wasteland

      • of filth and poverty as our nation declines. Hi … both parties are the exact same!/ S terrific wealth produced? or simply shifted more wealth into the coffers of the already wealthy.If you desire to see this Administration’s tax policy in action, just play the film “Robin Hood”backwards and watch as Robin draws from the bad and offers

      • to the rich.Of course the scam-artist is lying again, while he intensely picks the pockets of

      • his working class base … Ladies and gentlemen, I offer you the Panderer of the United States.He did not compose this. It’s actually nearly coherent, if illogical.Except it does state that ISIS is much better off now.Well, that’s certainly real, ain’t it?The same smart voters who smashed their Keurig makers from spite? 2017 saw the slowest personal sector job growth in

      • 6 years. The Republican party used to be an alliance of economic conservatives, affluent businesspeople & experts, evangelicals +spiritual people/social conservatives, silly racists, mad white working class individuals, anti-immigrant nativists, etc.Trump’s polarizing campaign mopped up half that alliance (stupid racists,

    • upset WWC, nativists, plus some others )while declaring war on much of the other half(traditional Republicans

    • , conservatives, magnate, etc.)and the other half’s conventional management– Paul Ryan, etc.So for the foreseeable future, it’s tough to see how one person/candidate puts