Trump remarks mean Price’s private plane abuse might cost him his task

“We’ll see,” is all President Donald Trump would state Wednesday when asked by reporters whether he would fire Health and Human being Provider Secretary Tom Price for extreme use of personal jets at the expense of taxpayers.

“I was looking into it and I will check out it. And I will inform you personally, I’m not pleased about it,” Trump said. “I am not pleased about it. I’m going to look at it. I am not pleased about it, and I let him understand it.”

It’s not a complete condemnation, however the comments don’t bode well for the job security for Rate after a week of harsh promotion on his luxurious travel habits.Perks of the job?Last Tuesday, a POLITICO report exposed that Cost took five private jet flights between Sept. 13 and 15, which cost 10s of thousands of dollars more than commercial flights for the very same travel. He has actually sustained more than $400,000 in charter flights given that May.In a number of the instances of personal travel, commercial flights were readily available that would have fit within his required travel schedule and saved thousands of dollars.Previous HHS secretaries flew commercial for domestic travel.Fiscally conservative … when it pertains to others Exactly what he was doing isn’t illegal; it’s just hypocritical when contrasted with his documented stances on

fiscal matters and federal waste, including his take on funding for personal jets. Simply this year he has proposed spending cuts to his own department, also as the National Institute of Health .”Our objective is to … [try] to reduce the locations where there are either duplications, redundancies or waste … and get a bigger return for the investment of the American taxpayer,”Cost stated previously this year, inning accordance with POLITICO.A pledge to change?Price< a href= target=_ blank > stated over the weekend he’s going to stop flying private on the taxpayer dime, however he’s already under formal evaluation by the inspector general and on notice by the president, so it might be insufficient, too late.”We have actually heard the criticism. We have actually heard the issues. We take that very seriously and have actually taken it to heart,” Cost said to Fox News.


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