Trump Project Deals With Subpoena For Records in Sexual Assault Claim Against the Now President

Trump Apprentice Contestant
Summer season Zervos, right, listens along with her lawyer Gloria Allred during a press conference in Los Angeles. (AP Photo/Ringo H.W. Chiu, file)

New York City (AP)– President Donald Trump’s presidential campaign has actually been subpoenaed for records associated with past sexual attack accusations versus Trump– charges the president on Monday dismissed as “made-up stuff.”

Lawyers for Summertime Zervos, a former candidate on “The Apprentice,” asked the campaign in March to protect any records in its belongings worrying Zervos or other women who implicated Trump of misconduct. Zervos says Trump kissed and groped her against her will in 2007.

During a Rose Garden press conference, Trump dismissed the claims as politically inspired.

“All I can state is it’s totally fake news– simply fake. It’s fake, it’s made-up stuff. And it’s disgraceful what takes place,” he said. “That happens in the world of politics.”

Zervos’ request was submitted as part of a disparagement claim. Legal representatives for Trump For President agreed in April to hang on to any related records. Those sorts of subpoenas are routine in civil litigation.It isn’t clear yet whether the case will advance far enough that the Trump campaign will be needed to really turn over those records.Trump’s legal representatives have actually asked that the case be dismissed,

or delayed till he is no longer president.Three legal scholars who, 20 years earlier, sent a brief to the Supreme Court arguing that President Bill Clinton wasn’t immune from an unwanted sexual advances suit submitted by Paula Jones, filed a similar quick in the Zervos case last month.The law professors, Richard Primus, of the University of Michigan Law School, and Justin Florence and Larry Schwartztol, of The Protect Democracy Project, said Trump likewise isn’t really immune from the Zervos lawsuit.”No one in our country is above the law, not even the president, “they wrote.A choice on whether the claim can proceed is not expected for some time.

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