Trump mocks Hispanic accents at Hispanic Heritage month occasion

Donald Trump began his presidential project by attacking Mexicans, and it’s been downhill given that then.At the White House’s Hispanic Heritage Month event Friday, Trump took a break from blaming immigrants for criminal activity and Puerto Ricans for the destruction to their island triggered by Hurricane Maria to straight-out mock Hispanic accents.”We are likewise wishing individuals of Pwwweeeerto Reeeco,”he stated.”We love Pwwweeeerto Reeeco. Pwwweeeerto Reeeco. And we also like Porto Rico.”Trump says Puerto Rico in an affected Spanish accent three times in a row.(through CBS

)!.?.!— Kyle Griffin(@kylegriffin1) October 6, 2017 That

the White Home is pretending Trump Trump has buffooned accents. At a campaign rally in 2015, Trump provided a shockingly offending efficiency of an imaginary settlement with Chinese business people who inform him,”We want deal.”Trump’s treatment of non-white individuals– Americans and non-Americans alike– is horrifically insulting, inappropriate, and deeply unpresidential. However we understood that about him from the first day.


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