Trump Mocked The Puerto Rican Accent And The Internet Dragged Him For It

There is genuinely absolutely nothing Trump won’t do to piss individuals off

Basically whatever about this presidency is unmatched, and we’re all simply along for the cringe-worthy ride when it concerns Trump’s everyday offensive remarks. The most current one came yesterday, during a White House speech about Hispanic Heritage Month.So we’ve got a president

who is infamously dissentious about minorities providing a speech honoring Hispanics.What could go wrong? Proceed and see for yourself. UGH.” We are likewise praying for individuals of

Pwerrrto Rico. Pwerrrto Rico,” he states, poking enjoyable at the pronunciation by utilizing a fake accent.” We’re likewise wishing individuals of PORTA REEKO,”he states, this time in a more “American”accent.He buffooned a Spanish accent. Throughout a speech honoring Hispanic Heritage Month.

After the entire nation of Puerto Rico has actually remained in ruins following Cyclone Maria. If you have actually just face-palmed yourself into oblivion, you’re not alone. Following the deliberately

condescending and simply usually dickish relocation, Twitter was abuzz with reactions.Trump utilizes a Spanish accent to state”Puerto Rico”two times during a Hispanic Heritage Month occasion!.?.!— BuzzFeed News(@BuzzFeedNews) October 6, 2017’Pueh-tow Rik-oh’ does not sound like October 6, 2017!.?.!— NRDC(@NRDC) October 6, 2017

October 6, 2017 ♀ ♀ each time I see anything involving him.

How incredibly humiliating– Andrea Zinck( @andreajz84) October 6, 2017 And perhaps the best and most succinct reaction of all:!.?.!— Wok Chi Steve (@Wok_Chi_Steve)

October 6, 2017

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