Trump makes statement on shooting in Alexandria

In remarks at the White Home, President Trump announced that the attacker who carried out a shooting Wednesday morning– targeting Congressman Steve Scalise and numerous others at a ball park in Alexandria– has now died from his injuries.He likewise applauded Congressman Steve Scalise as”a patriot “and said that he is now in stable condition. The president likewise expressed his thanks to the very first responders, the Capitol Cops, keeping in mind that “lots of lives would have been lost if not for the brave actions” of the security information of Scalise.

Mr. Trump stated he has talked to Scalise’s other half and “promised our complete and absolute support.” And he talked with the chief of the Capitol Cops “to express my adoration for their nerve.”

The president stated in his quick remarks, in the Diplomatic Room of the White House that “We may have our differences, however we do well to bear in mind that everyone who serves in our nation’s capital is here since they enjoy our nation.”

He went on to say “we are greatest when we are unified and collaborate for the common good.”

Top aide Stephen Miller likely assisted put Mr. Trump’s speech together, CBS News’ Significant Garrett stated, together with senior consultant Kellyanne Conway and chief of personnel Reince Priebus.The shooter, recognized by law enforcement as James T. Hodgkinson, 66, of Belleville, Illinois, utilized an M-4 attack rifle to bring out the attack. Legislators who were at the baseball practice credited the security information for Scalise with preventing more casualties. Those officers returned fire and injured the shooter, who was apprehended.


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