Trump lectured NATO leaders about defense spending. It was awkward to watch.

On Thursday, President Trump provided a speech to the put together heads of federal government of America’s NATO allies. A good piece of it– approximately two minutes– was committed to hectoring them for not spending enough on their armed forces.

“NATO members must lastly contribute their fair share,” Trump stated. “Over the last eight years, the United States invested more on defense than all other NATO nations integrated.”

This was a touch awkward, given Trump’s tense relationship with the Western alliance. And you can see it when you enjoy the unpleasant, hurt looks on the faces of the leaders of America’s allies. Just view this video:

— Bradd Jaffy (@BraddJaffy) May 25, 2017 Now, Trump does really have a point here. Technically, all NATO states are expected to spend at least 2 percent of GDP on their defense budget plan– but only 5 of NATO’s 28 members struck the target. This is a concern that past United States presidents, consisting of Barack Obama, have actually raised at NATO tops before.But Trump has actually consistently questioned the worth of NATO in the past 2 years, as soon as threatening to not defend allies that didn’t pay sufficient loan– something past US presidents never did, as it brings into question the foundation of the alliance itself. In this speech, Trump pointedly did not point out Article 5– the arrangement of the NATO treaty that declares an attack on one to be an attack on all– underscoring the worry that his speak about not paying NATO allies’debts creates.You can see it on the face of French President Emmanuel Macron(left ): And a bit on”British and Canadian Prime Ministers Theresa May and Justin Trudeau(best): German Chancellor Angela “Merkel doesn’t look specifically pleased”either(beside Macron): It’s simply uncomfortable, is what I’m stating. “


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