Trump Keeps Israel Vote Promise, Smashed UN Execs’ Budget on Christmas Eve

The United Nations is going to have to discover that with Donald Trump in the White Home, decisions have consequences.Three days after 128 nations voted in the U.N. to condemn the United States for acknowledging the reality that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, the United States worked out a$285 million slashing of the U.N.’s operating budget.According to ABC News, the new budget plan for the 2018-2019 fiscal year is$5.4 billion, a 5 percent decline from the year before.It is necessary to note that the United States pays 22 percent of that budget, which is more than other nation.According to Fox News, the American U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley meant the budget decline after the General Assembly’s Dec. 21 vote.TRENDING: Polices Arrest DrunkenGuy, Discover Toolbox in Hotel Room Overlooking New Year’s Party

“The inadequacy and overspending of the United Nations are popular,” Haley stated and accountable U.N.– is a huge action in the right direction,” Haley discussed, applauding the United States ‘decision.This is not the very first time that The White House guaranteed to slash the U.N.’s budget.In March 2017, President Trumppromised to cut $1 billion in funding for the U.N.’s peacekeeping budget plan, inning accordance with Diplomacy. It’s long previous time the United Nations found out that the United States isn’t a doormat the U.N.’s impoverished, requiring members can walk all over any time they feel the urge.RELATED: Trump Exposes Dreadful Impact the Media Would Face Without Him as President That’s one lesson the Trump

administration is going to teach: Actions have consequences.Share this story on Facebook and Twitter if you praise the United States’choice to slash the U.N.’s budget.What do you think of Trump’s conflict with the United Nations?Scroll down to comment below!

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