Trump Eliminates Gender Equality; Puts An End To White House Council On Women And Girls

After Donald Trump’s misogynistic remarks towards Mika Brzezinski, the White House now wants to remove previous President Obama’s White House Council on Women and Girls, which focuses on empowerment and defense of American females and girls.

Politico reported on Friday, that the White House Council On Women And Girls was reported to have actually gone dark the day after the fiasco. That this administration is practically shutting down gender equality provides a truth look for those who continue to state that the President’s tweets weren’t a “genuine” concern to worry about.On many celebrations, the Trump administration holds Trump daughter, Ivanka, up as a guard against criticism that they do not care about women’s concerns. Even though Ivanka Trump declares to be about ladies’s empowerment, she fails so show a grasp of the meaning of feminism, and indeed aims to utilize it to cover for her father’s bigotry and misogyny, which in fact, is the complete reverse of exactly what feminism really stands for.Keep in mind everyone: Donald Trump is the same sexist man who doesn’t offer a shit about women, including his daughter and better half. I suggest he informed everybody he would date his own daughter. Is anyone actually surprised?Many Republicans and Trump’s Deputy Press Sec. Sarah Huckabee

Sanders questioned why we cannot concentrate on the real agenda’s after Trump’s tweets– it’s due to the fact that the misogyny on display screen against Mika, against Rosie, versus Megyn, versus every powerful, strong, smart, truthful female who has actually crossed Trump is likewise the very same factor Republican politicians crafted a healthcare costs without one single lady at the table, a fact that shows in their bill as one of the target is. well– WOMEN.Featured Image through Getty Images


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