Trump Calls on Congress to Close Immigration ‘Loophole’ Made Use Of by ‘Savage Gang’ MS-13

In his weekly address, President Donald Trump contacted Congress to close what he called a migration loophole that enables “unaccompanied alien minors” to be released, which Trump stated was being made use of by MS-13.

My fellow Americans, this week, district attorneys, police officers, homeland security authorities, and lawmakers joined me at the White Home to attend to a very vicious risk to our communities– the savage gang, MS-13.

Glaring loopholes in our laws have enabled wrongdoers and gang members to burglarize our country. Under present law, unaccompanied alien minors at the border are released into American communities no matter where, no matter how, it is so easy for them due to the fact that the laws are bad and they have to be altered. This loophole is quickly exploited by MS-13, which now operates in a minimum of 40 states.In addition to MS-13, many other gangs are burglarizing our country regularly because our laws are so weak, so sad, so pathetic.At this week’s roundtable, we found out the story of one household here in Washington, D.C. that hosted a person in their house, who then started to recruit their young kid to MS-13. When the kid’s mom attempted to stop it, the gang member shot her in the head, blinding her for life. She’s lucky she lived, but she’s paying a really big price.During my State of the Union, I got in touch with Congress to

right away close unsafe loopholes in federal law that have actually endangered our communities and enforced enormous burdens on U.S. taxpayers.My Administration has actually recognized three major top priorities for creating a safe, modern-day and legal migration system: totally securing the border, ending chain migration, and canceling the visa lottery game. Chain migration is a catastrophe and really unjust to our country. The visa lotto is something that needs to have never ever been allowed in the very first place. Individuals get in a lotto to come into our nation. What type of a system is that? It is time for Congress to act and to safeguard Americans. Every member of Congress need to select the side of law enforcement, and the side of the American Individuals. That’s the way it has to be.


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