Trump Blames “Can’t Win” Democrats For Blocking Nominations, But Hasn’t Named Anyone To 384 Jobs

Trump Blames” Cannot Win”Democrats For Blocking Elections, However Hasn’t Named Anyone To 384 Jobs

President Donald Trump when again on Tuesday blamed Democrats in the Senate for the sluggish pace of verification of his candidates, implicating the minority celebration of participating in obstruction although its votes are not required in order for the president’s picks for crucial government tasks to win approval.

“The Senate Democrats have actually just confirmed 48 of 197 Governmental Candidates. They cannot win so all they do is sluggish things down & & block!” Trump composed on Twitter Tuesday morning.According to a database preserved by The Washington Post and The Collaboration for Public Service that is tracking 564 of the more than executive branch jobs that need presidential nominations, Trump has actually left 384 without a candidate. He has actually used official elections for 130 of those positions, of which 46 have been confirmed.Fifth-and-a-Half Component Todd20036 Mel is such a comical genius.Tawreos Rambie The Democrats should have been saying extremely similar

  • things about the Republicans all during Obama’s 8

    • years in office. Perhaps we could of kept

      control of the Senate a minimum of in 2010 Silver Badger blackstar shellback FAEN Typical Cheeto pattern-blame the other side allthe time.RustynAtlanta Reminded Trump that

      there’s no filibuster for nominees. It’s th GOP obstructing his appointments, not Dems.Tulle Christensen took the words right out of my mouth JT They have not chosen yet whether they ought to vote for the criminal Russian lackeys he nominates.kareemachan Not to discuss all the positions where individuals left rather than deal with numbnuts.shellback You absurd clown, would it be

    • possible for you to

  • stop

    lying for simply one day? … Hour? … Minute?Ross Your optimism is admirable.Will Parkinson Yes,

  • however he ‘d need to

  • be dead for that to take place. And even then, I’m not exactly sure it would stop him.”I’m perfectly healthy! I

    • ‘m the healthiest president ever.”

      JT Yeah, shithead, the Democrats are to blame since they do

    • n’t respond to your

      every dimwitted tweet with” Yes, master.” Ninja0980 If Democrats had the power to obstruct nominations, Neil Gorsuch

  • would not be on SCOTUS

    right now.Christopher Butch You understand, at a certain point you just run out of things to say. How can he have gotten to this point in

  • life and yet developed definitely no self-awareness? Todd20036 Easy. Be born so rich that people would be prepared to bear with your crap to obtain a few of it.Throw in a

  • little self-entitlement

    and narcissism and you have Trump Butch You

  • ‘re right, and he

    ‘s produced offspring who are (to use an antiquated term )carbon copies; no repercussions, no obligation, just entitlement.dcurlee He might get some selected if he kept his dumb ass off twitter Skokieguy [Larry] Considering last night

    ‘s bombshell that there is an e-mail suggesting that the Russian meeting was to supply Russian government got Clinton information

  • , I expect today’s tweetstorms and interruptions to be quite serious. This tweet is rather dull by Trump standards.bambinoitaliano In the mean time Marla and Melania are hectic

  • seeking advice from geneticist to guarantee Tiffany and


    have actually not acquired the foot in mouth disease.That _ Looks_Delicious They have not approved the supermarket bagger I nominated to manage the nuclear reactor. Waaaaaah.justme Sorry they put him in charge of the dept

    • of energy Christopher Michael R

      Tulle Christensen All that needs to occur is for it to pass out of the appropriate committee( and they all

      are bulk Republican)and for Mitch the tortoise McConnell to bring it to

      • the floor for a

        vote then you got your appointee Mr Moron President Gustav2 Everyone ought to tweet back: Treant Oh bitch, please. Nominations like that cannot be filibustered. Your very own party is not prepared to put the plainly inexperienced into lots of appointed

        positions.Pity that wasn’t real for the Supreme Court, however there it is.DesertSun59 Naturally, his base– the Breitbart crowd– will take this Tweet, run with it, and take it to heart. They will never ever know the total incompetence of the Orange Buffoon.djcoastermark I believe they do know it, but simply like t rump, will never admit to being wrong, and get very protective and unsightly if it’s pointed out to them.The Milkman When it comes to obstructionism, Democrats are pikers. It’s the Republicans who have actually revealed real

      • ability because area

        for the last 8 years.


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