Trump-Backed Candidate Just Caught Cheating Ahead of Montana Special Election

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is alive and well in 2017:” … my Montana-resident partner got a nice phone conversation this week asking him whom he ‘d be supporting in the unique Congressional election. “Rob Quist,”he stated, because my hubby is not an idiot. (And because no one likes Greg Gianforte, who lost to a Democrat for guv simply last fall, underperforming Donald Trump by 10 percent.)”The girl calling from the Idaho number thanked him and asked him to be sure to vote early!”Early voting would start at 8 p.m. on Might 25,” she said, ever so helpfully! Please do not listen to that young lady, fellow Montanans. Might 25(Thursday, which is screwed up) is election day; early ballot is NOW.”The

Wonkette gotten in touch with every state and federal company she could consider to report the event, but everybody kept passing the buck. With major legislation on the horizon(not to discuss a possible impeachment )and the Republican majority in the House currently razor thin, it’s not surprising at all that they would resort to the time-honored

custom of” rat-f@*king.”

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