Trump and Melania go to supper for two at his DC hotel

President Donald Trump and First Girl Melania Trump appear to be exercising the most recent kinks in their relationship by going out to supper in Washington DC.The couple were identified out on the town, enjoying a meal at the Trump International Hotel on Saturday. Trump can be seen walking into the dining establishment-hair intact -using a

Black raincoat and what appears to be a suit with black dress shoes. President Donald Trump and First Woman Melania Trump were seen headed into the Trump

International Hotel on Sunday They both can be seen walking into the hotel wearing black ensembles Melania tracks not too far behind and is dressed in an all black match as the two head into the hotel. And as many guest hurried to snap images of the very first couple, Melania might be seen sporting a smile. Her spouse, on the other hand, commanded the

attention and can be seen putting on the show to those enjoying and taking videos of the encounter.

The couple’s sighting is their very first since President Trump safeguarded two previous White House staffers who have actually been implicated of domestic abuse by

their ex-wives. At one point, Melania looks like she is chuckling and enjoying herself as the 2 satisfy customers’Peoples lives are being shattered and damaged by a simple claims

. Some are true and some are false. Some are old and some are brand-new.’There is no healing for someone

falsely accused -life and profession are gone. Exists no such thing any longer as Due Process? ‘he wrote.The president’s tweet was in

recommendation to Rob Porter, the previous White House Staff Secretary, who resigned today after his two ex-wives stepped forward with claims of abuse and pictures of

injuries. The tweet may likewise have actually described David Sorensen, a speechwriter for the Council on Environmental Quality who resigned on Friday night after his ex-wife, Jessica Corbett, told The Washington Post how he had presumably

mistreated her. On the other hand, the very first couple have actually rarely been seen together given that allegations emerged that Donald Trump paid pornography star Stormy Daniels$130,000, in the run up to the 2016 governmental election, to keep quiet about their alleged affair On Saturday Trump tweeted in defense of two previous White House aides On the other hand, the very first couple have actually hardly ever been seen together because claims emerged that Donald Trump paid porn star Stormy Daniels $130,000, in the run up to the 2016 presidential election, to keep peaceful about their declared affair.Their alleged sexual encounter occurred just four months after Melania would have

provided birth to their boy, Barron. The White House has actually denied the allegations.Since the news broke last month, Melania pulled out of a trip to accompany her partner to the World Economic Online Forum in Davos, Switzerland at the last minute.

Instead, she chose to fly down to Mar-a-Lago for simply over one day.She later joined Trump for his State of Union address however she broke with tradition by deciding to get here individually from her spouse. The two were seen at the Mar-a-Lago Super Bowl celebration where Trump could be seen capturing some looks at cheerleaders.


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