Trump and JFK are very similar in many ways

Historian Jonathan Lewis says Exactly what you must learn about John F Kennedy

Lewis likewise stated that both appeared to be interventionist in economic matters– Trump since of his practice of tweeting about American companies and Kennedy for denouncing the steel market throughout his presidency for raising prices.He also says that JFK” stumbled “in diplomacy and questions if Trump might do the exact same. Both chosen Secretaries of State with impressive personal sector resumes but no real experience in diplomacy.When asked whether as a historian he stressed over the repercussions of Trump’s tweeting Lewis stated, “I worry about the unintended effects of interaction strategies therefore, therefore, we have actually to be stressed about the tweeting … A few of Trump’s tweets have actually been nationwide security associated.”

Lewis is not the only analyst to draw a parallel between Trump and Kennedy. Recently Bill Gates said Trump’s novel communication style could stimulate Americans behind his management.

“A lot of his [Trump] message has been about … where he sees things not as good as he ‘d like.

“But in the exact same way, President Kennedy talked about the space objective and got the nation behind that.”

The Microsoft creator spoke recently with the president-elect and said he hoped Trump’s presidency would press innovation, “The crucial point I was pressing there was the chance for development in not only energy but also medication and education and encouraging the idea that that’s an excellent deal and a terrific thing for American management.”

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* Originally released in January 2017.


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