Trump Aimed To Kiss Juliet Huddy Around Time He Was Marrying Melania

Huddy, who is now a radio show host on WABC Radio, told Mornin With Bill Shulz on that Trump tried to kiss her while she was in an elevator with him. It’s unclear whether it was before or after he married Melania, since, according to Page Six, Huddy doesn’t remember the exact date.

“He took me for lunch at Trump Tower, just us two,” Huddy said. “He said goodbye to me in an elevator while his security guy was there, rather than kiss me on the cheek he leaned in to kiss me on the lips.”

Huddy said she wasn’t offended but was definitely surprised.

“But I didn’t feel threatened,” she said. “He used to watch Fox & Friends, the show I was hosting on the weekend. Whatever, everything was fine. It was a weird moment. He never tried anything after that, and I was never alone with him.”

After the awkward kiss, she went outside to meet a friend when Trump invited both of them back up to see The Apprentice set.

“Everything was copacetic after that,” she said.

But it wasn’t “copacetic” forever. Huddy said that she wasn’t offended at the time, yet she wished she would have resisted his advances.

“Now I have matured I think I would say, ‘Woah, no,’ but at the time I was younger and I was a little shocked,” she said. “I thought maybe he didn’t mean to do it, but I was kind of making excuses.”

This isn’t something Trump has been private about, either. Huddy said he later joked about it in an appearance on her Fox News show.

“Trump was a guest and he came on stage, he said, to the audience and producers, not on camera, ‘I tried hitting on her but she blew me off.’ He was laughing,” Huddy said.

Huddy left Fox News after she allegedly received a settlement for a harassment complaint against anchor Bill O’Reilly. And she wasn’t happy with Trump’s reaction to O’Reilly’s alleged sexual misconduct news.

“When all the stuff came out about Bill O’Reilly, Donald Trump was one of the people who said, ‘I don’t believe this happened and I don’t believe he did it,’” Huddy said. “I was actually very disappointed in Trump, I thought, ‘You know what, f— you.’”

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