Trump Agreed The Democrats. Whaaaaat?

In this week’s , politics editor): Welcome, everybody! We were really goingto avoid today’s politics chat, but then this happened (from The New York Times): President Trump struck an offer with Democratic congressional leaders

on Wednesday to increase the financial obligation limit and fund the government up until mid-December, blindsiding his own Republican allies as he reached throughout the aisle to solve a significant dispute for the first time given that taking office.So, on the surface, this seems really odd: Trump going along with a proposal from

the Democratic leaders, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, that ran against the dreams of the Republican leaders, Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan.Is it that odd? Is it significant? Exactly what do you all make of this?(Clare is on a reporting journey

, but filling in for her is our brand-new Washington editor! Presenting Hilary!!! hilary.krieger( Hilary Krieger, Washington editor): I don’t believe there is”odd”in the Donald Trump presidency. However it

is definitely irregular inning accordance with the typical rules of Washington party politics.natesilver( Nate Silver, editor in chief): I was just eating and am still attempting to determine exactly what’s going on. #radicaltransparency harry ( Harry Enten, senior political writer): It’s odd considered that Ryan stated an offer like this was ridiculous as just recently as Wednesday morning.Imagine if you’re Paul Ryan. At 10a he called the 3-mo

debt limitation a “outrageous idea.”a couple of hours later his party’s president consented toit– Jake Sherman( @JakeSherman)< a href= > September 6, 2017 hilary.krieger: It’s clear that Trump did not show on his fight with McConnell and believe,”Exactly what I need to do is restore relationships with GOP leaders in Congress.”micah: Yeah, so … exactly what’s the real significance of this deal

politically?hilary.krieger: In a rainbow andunicorns variation of Washington, it might be the dawn and Ryan. This will

make it even worse.

It’llprobably be a little while prior to we learn exactly what the repercussionsof that are.

However in my view, it’s liable to make them less likely to roll over for him in December.harry: I’m basically stating that even if you believe Trump did something unusual on Wednesday, expect that he’ll simply be his normal self

from then on. Trump can do an odd or unforeseen thing from time to time. But he is who he is.


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