Trump actually tweets something conservatives can agree with wholeheartedly

For 7 years, Republicans promised to rescind the disastrous health care law passed by previous President Obama. In 2010, they rode a Tea ceremony wave on the back of that pledge and took control of the Home. In 2014, they continued to make that promise as they battled back control of the Senate. With Donald Trump leading the charge, they doubled down again through the 2016 election.

As the dust settled, the GOP had actually finally gotten their desire. With Trump’s victory, Republicans had control of all 3 branches of federal government. Finally, they would have a chance to fulfill the pledge of reversing Obamacare. Or so we thought … It didn’t take wish for cracks to begin revealing in the plan. In spite of Trump’s support for repeal, some Republicans began calling for “repeal and replace,” then toned it down even further to “reforming” Obamacare. It appeared as though the GOP was losing the will to do exactly what they had guaranteed for so long.

Trump actually tweets something conservatives can concur with completely Lone Republican politician’s ODD factor for voting versus Kate’s Law draws instant fire Kimberley Guilfoyle DEFINITIVELY responds to speculation about press sec role

Regretfully, those worries were soon verified. In your home, GOP leadership crafted a bill that cannot get sufficient support. They tried once again, only for their second variation to stall in the Senate. After years of promises, the Republican Party appears no closer to fixing Obamacare than they were in 2009.

Unsurprisingly, President Trump has become fed up with the procedure. Despite his best shots to press the expense along, Republicans still don’t have the votes to pass it. Now, President Trump is requiring a substantial shift in method, one that would assist fulfill the promise Republican politicians made years ago.

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