Trevor Noah on Afghanistan Speech: ‘Trump’s a Problem Solver The Same Way Godzilla is a City Planner’

“I understand that he’s been president for seven months, however seeing Donald Trump making military decisions is still weird for me,” Noah reacted. “I suggest he must be the first human being in history who gets to command an army after starring in a Pizza Hut industrial.”

The Daily Program host mentioned that there were very couple of specifics given up that speech, however Trump did mention that he was a “issue solver.”

“Yeah, Trump is a ‘issue solver’ the same method Godzilla is a city planner,” he quipped. “The only method Donald Trump can consider himself an issue solver is if he stops creating issues!”

Noah informed his audience that we were listening to “Book Report Trump” who gave us “total sentences and meaningful thoughts” rather of “insane tangents” and”crowd work,” however acknowledged “Freestyle Trump” when Trump called terrorist “losers.”

“Even as he is escalating a war, Trump needs to throw in his catch expression,” Noah reacted.He offered Trump credit for acknowledging his own flip flop on Afghanistan, but told the country he changed his mind after”sitting behind the desk in the Oval Office. In other words, when you’re president of the United States. “”Oh!” Noah exclaimed.”So that’s exactly what’sitting

behind the desk in the Oval Workplace’means! Being president! I’m so glad he discussed it to us the very same way Gen. [John] Kelly explained it to him! “Enjoy the clip above, through Comedy Central.

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