Tom Cost flies from Trump’s White House, and everybody’s teasing him

Another one bites the dust at the White House.

Tom Price, now the former Secretary of Health and Human Services, resigned from his position in the Trump administration on Friday, after Politico reported last week that the cabinet secretary had been flying in private charter planes on the taxpayers’ dime. 

President Trump was not amused with the outrage that erupted surrounded Price’s swampy behavior, telling reporters on Wednesday that he was looking into the scandal and “not happy about it,” according to Politico.

POTUS may be reeling at the loss of yet another member of his administration, but Twitter has been having an absolute blast with the latest Friday departure. And the jokes are relentless. 

First came the inevitable (and borderline painful) name puns. 

“The Price is Wrong” trended briefly on Friday afternoon, opening up the door to some truly terrible plays on the disgraced official’s name. 

Bad puns aside, we also got some more artful digs at Price. 


Tom Price committed the one unpardonable sin in Trump’s world: Being rich,but not rich enough to own his own private jet.

If Tom Price were a stock, Tom Price would have sold all his shares 3 weeks ago.

Trump: You, uh, need a ride home?

Price: Naw. I got a plane waiting. I’m good.

It’s just another Friday afternoon in the Trump administration. For this one, we’ll play you out with a song.

🎼Tom Price/Sally Yates/Michael Flynn and Mike Dubke/Gorka Bannon Preibus Spicer/Comey and The Mooch/We didn’t start the f


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