They’re Back! Melania Trump In Leather Trousers Holds Donald’s Hand As Strange Videos, POTUS’ Weight Gain, Get Buzz

President Donald Trump and First Girl Melania Trump have actually returned to the White Home together with Barron Trump, after their extended vacation at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida. As seen in the above image, Melania and Donald held hands as they ended their vacation remain on January 1. Nevertheless, even as Melania put on burgundy leather trousers with matching heels and a similarly-colored bag, the world of social networks was still focused on the Trump apparently increasing the quantity of quick food he’s been eating have been flowing from a source declared to come straight from the West Wing.JUST IN: Pres. Trump shares his New Year’s Eve thoughts on 2018 throughout a gala at his south Florida estate tonight.!.?.!!.?.!— NBC News(@NBCNews) January 1, 2018 Trump is accused of not having the ability to hidehis alleged weight gain, even in a tuxedo.Humpty Dumpty sure cannot conceal the tonnage now. He didn’t look that big

2 weeks ago???? Should be an old tux. It’s all that comfort food he socks away to substitute for a conscience. And Melania. you have a point Aunty, however Mel doesn’t. An odd pic!– Opal Wind(@OpalsWind)< a href= ""> January 2, 2018 Other social media users have actually directed viewers to carefully enjoy the expression on Melania’s face in videos

like the next one.Watch Melania’s expression about 1/3 of the method through.!.?.!— leturos(@leturos) January 1, 2018 One< a href= > popular tweet likened the Trumps to characters in the SIMS video game, standing around waiting on instructions.Another typical refrain included Twitter users comparing Melania’s facial expression to that of the blank and robotic stare of

a robotic Stepford wife.Melania has the look of a Stepford Better half. Extremely scary looking.– Samantha Mooney ‘_'(@Sam_anthas) January 2, 2018 In general, those who have actually viewed images and videos

of Melania with her partner lately are either staunch defenders of the first woman or those who declare that Melania is attempting to put on a pleased facade.Melania looks like she left from

the “Presidents’Partners” Animatronic tourist attraction at Disney if there was one.– TinaC(@TheTinaC) January 2, 2018

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