The White House Wants ESPN’s Jemele Hill Fired for Stating Facts

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Because 53 percent of white ladies chose to turn their collective backs on America, Donald Trump remains in office, and given that then, I haven’t been able to determine which side is up anymore.On Monday, ESPN’s Jemele Hill dropped some gems on Twitter in which she called the president of the United States a”white supremacist who has mainly surrounded himself with other white supremacists.”Black America was having problem discovering the lie. ESPN then came out and excused Hill’s tweets, not because ESPN thinks she’s incorrect, however because ESPN is owned by Disney, and Disney does not play that shit. If you’ve been to Disney World, you know that on that day that you are surrounded by wonderful phony shit, you’ll have a difficult time believing that starvation and hurricanes and ridiculous violence of black bodies felled by police officers ever existed. When White Home press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, aka Suckabee, was asked whether

the president was conscious of all the authenticity Hill published on Twitter, Suckabee said the claims were”outrageous”and called them “a fireable offense, ” Sports Illustrated reports.”I’m not exactly sure if he understands, but I believe that’s one of the more outrageous remarks anyone could make and

definitely something that I think is a fireable offense by ESPN,”Suckabee stated. When the White Home has actually started calling for her job, I do not understand if ESPN will have the heart to support her.

However if it matters, I stand with you, Jemele Hill, and so will my 2,000 Twitter fans. We are a small group, however we are scrappy.


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