The NFL and social media unload on Trump after controversial national anthem protest comments

Social media emerged on Friday after President Donald Trump decried NFL Trump has ever used as President was reserved for Black men objecting injustice.!.?.!— Shaun King(@ShaunKing) September 23, 2017 Simply so we’re clear: the president’s comments will just prompt more gamer protests, not quell them.– Jemele Hill(@jemelehill) September 23, 2017

Trump a lot harder on Colin Kaepernick than on Vladimir Putin. Opposing American anthem: bad.

Overturning American democracy: no huge offer.– Max Boot(@MaxBoot)

September 23, 2017 Get that son of a bitch off the stage.– Samuel Sinyangwe(@samswey) September 23, 2017 Trump’s NFL things tonight is not unimportant. It is his values: Owners OWN people and they ought to get to do exactly what they desire with their livestock. >

— Mark Harris(@MarkHarrisNYC) September 23, 2017 Many gamers sounded off:

It’s an embarassment and disgrace when you have the President of the US calling citizens of the nation kids of a bitches.– Bishop Sankey(@BishopSankey) September 23, 2017 Trump stay in ur location … football have

nothing to do wit u smh– Zach Brown(@ZachBrown_55) September 23, 2017 When will people discover that fear won’t make somebody

sit down. It quite possibly will make more defend exactly what they believe in.– Chris Conley(@_flight17_) September 23, 2017 I can’t take anything our Star in Chief says seriously. He’s a reality clown/troll– George Iloka(@George_iloka)

September 23, 2017 Very few voiced their support on Twitter, beyond hardline advocates like his son and analyst Expense Mitchell.


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