The First “Space Nation” Wants You To Live On Their Orbital Space Station

Asgardia, a rather unusual attempt to begin a nation in space, has actually announced it wishes to eventually build an area station in Earth orbit and on the Moon.That rather lofty objective was exposed at an interview in Hong Kong today. Here, Asgardia Unveiled its plans toto publish data onto the cubesat. While this is maybe meant to be images and messages, there is the possibility this might be some sort of data haven for illegal content. Asgardia told New Researcher, though, that they would veterinarian any information before it is sent out up. Everyone can upload 300kb of data to the satellite.”Asgardia-1 will contain information kept for totally free for up to 1.5 million Asgardians on board the satellite,

“Dr Igor Ashurbeyli, who is leading the project, stated in a declaration.”These are historical days, and your names and information will forever stay in the memory of the new space mankind, as they will

be reinstalled on every new Asgardia satellite we launch.”At first, it looked like Asgardia would be a nation in name just, with people signing up for a little bit of fun and pretending to be Asgardians. So when the company stated it was also preparing to develop an area station, well, things got a bit weirder.A principle image from the company shows individuals walking a huge space station, total with automobiles flying overhead. We’ve been having some conversations in the IFLScience office about what this is expected to be. A Stanford Torus, perhaps, which spins to produce a centrifugal force and thus artificial gravity? Maybe.That appears to be the case based upon a 2nd image. This shows a more sensible modular spaceport station, with a larger ring-shaped

station in the background.< a href=""> By Jonathan O’Callaghan


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