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President Donald Trump says it’s “Sad to see the history and culture of our terrific country being ripped apart” with the removal of Confederate statues and monuments around the country.Local and state

officials have actually renewed presses to eliminate Confederate imagery from public home since the violence and death of a woman in Charlottesville, Virginia, throughout a white nationalist rally over the elimination of a Robert E. Lee statue.Baltimore and other cities have currently removed or concealed Confederate statues.Trump in a Thursday tweet called them” our gorgeous statues and monoliths” and stated”you can’t alter history, but you can discover from it. “”Robert E Lee, Stonewall Jackson-who’s next, Washington, Jefferson? Absurd! ” Trump continued.”

The appeal that is being gotten of our cities, towns and parks will be considerably missed and never ever able to be comparably replaced!”GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham states President Donald Trump’s position on the Charlottesville, Virginia violence and death is amassing praise from “some of the most racist and hate-filled people and groups “and called on him to”please fix this.”Trump and Graham have been going after each other given that the president’s declarations on the violence and death of a female in Charlottesville, Virginia, throughout a white nationalist rally.Trump on Thursday called Graham a”publicity seeking”legislator and tweeted that Graham’s contention that the president had stated there was”moral equivalency between the KKK, neo-Nazis & white

supremacists and people like Ms. Heyer “was a” revolting lie.”Graham replied on Twitter quickly thereafter that the president’s statements on Charlottesville have garnered him”praise from some of the most racist and hate-filled people and groups in our country.

“”For the sake of our Country– as our President– please fix this. History is watching all of us,”Graham tweeted.President Donald Trump is touting a primary challenger wanting to unseat GOP Sen. Jeff Flake of Arizona, who has slammed the president

‘s response to the violence and death of a woman in Charlottesville, Virginia.Trump on Thursday tweeted that Flake” is WEAK on borders, criminal activity and a non-factor in Senate. He’s harmful!”The president has actually already vowed to invest loan to defeat the first-term senator.Flake is facing a GOP main challenge, consisting of from former state Sen. Kelli Ward.”Great to see that Dr. Kelli Ward is running against Flake,”Trump tweeted.Flake had tweeted on Wednesday,”We can’t claim to be the celebration of Lincoln if we equivocate in condemning white supremacy. “The first-term senator has also just recently launched a book criticizing Trump and fellow Republican politicians for straying from what he called conservative values.Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Joseph Dunford has highly endorsed the statements by the leaders of the 4 significant U.S. military services, who spoke up versus bigotry and extremism after last weekend’s violence in Charlottesville

, Virginia.During a see Thursday to Beijing, Dunford said:”I have seen the chiefs’tweets and I can absolutely and unambiguously tell you that there is no place for racism and bigotry in the U.S. military or in the United States as a whole.” He said the “chiefs’statements was necessary. They were speaking straight to the force and the American people.”Dunford said the intent was”to the force, to make it clear

that that type of bigotry and bigotry is not going to stand inside the force. And to the American people, to advise them of the worths for which we stand in the U.S. armed force, which are reflective of what I think to be the values of the United States.

” President Donald Trump has actually suddenly disbanded two of his White House business councils in the most recent fallout from

his combative discuss racially charged violence in Charlottesville, Virginia.Wednesday’s choice came as the White House tried to handle the consequences from Trump’s defiant remarks a day previously, in which he blamed the violence at a white supremacist rally on “both sides.” Trump himself remained out of sight Wednesday

, however he went back to Twitter early Thursday to chastise Sen. Lindsey Graham for remarks the South Carolinian made about Trump’s take on Charlottesville. He also had harsh words for Sen. Jeff Flake, an Arizona

Republican.He posted one tweet saying that “publicity-seeking Lindsey Graham wrongly mentioned that I stated there is moral equivalency”between the white supremacists and the counter-demonstrators at Saturday’s violent protest.President Donald Trump has taken a swipe at a fellow Republican politician, calling Sen. Lindsey Graham a”publicity looking for”lawmaker.In a daybreak post on his Twitter account Thursday, Trump faulted the GOP senator for declarations Graham has made about the president’s position on the violence and death of a lady in Charlottesville, Virginia.Trump said in his tweet: “Publicity seeking Lindsey Graham wrongly mentioned that I stated there is moral equivalency between the KKK, neo-Nazis & white supremacists and individuals like Ms. Heyer.”He was describing Heather Heyer

, the woman who was killed when she was struck by a vehicle owned into the crowd. “Such a horrible lie,” Trump said

of Graham’s remarks.” He just can’t forget his election trouncing. The individuals of South Carolina will keep in mind.”In a separate tweet, Trump accused”the Phony News “of misshaping “what I state about hate, bigotry

, and so on. Embarassment! “


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