The Conservative Unionist Negotiation Team for Brexit have requested that their acronym is not used

David Davis Brexit negotiating team

The Conservative Unionist Negotiation Team for Brexit have actually issued a plea not to refer to them by their unfortunate acronym.The Conservatives and the DUP who actually do not have a sense of humour between them held an interview to make it clear that they would choose not to be referred to as’the C.U.N.T. for Brexit’ “It is neither big nor clever to use that acronym

,”stated an agent for the Conservative Unionist Settlement Group for Brexit.”And I understand I can count on the British people

‘s well-known regard for authority and dislike of childish humour to guarantee that we will only ever be understood as the Conservative Unionist Settlement Team for Brexit and not … that acronym.”At this point, a reporter in the audience suppressed a laugh as he asked

the representative for the C.U.N.T. for Brexit to confirm the acronym.The agent declined to respond to and left the phase whispering darkly about the’bloody puerile proles’to laughter from the assembled press.However, among the general public, the acronym had not actually been selected up. “To be truthful, I did

n’t realise C ** ts for Brexit was an acronym,”said Simon Williams, a guy, earlier

.”It simply appeared like a reasonable thing to refer to them as.” There are currently witterings below-why not

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