Tasmanian Cops Escort Drunk Man Home And Take A Selfie With Him

Being intoxicated and disorderly is, naturally, a criminal activity and you can deal with severe repercussions with the law if you’re off your face intoxicated. It’s also worth stating that being that intoxicated isn’t safe for you either – when you’re hardly in control of your very own mind and body, who understands who might take benefit of you?But thankfully, in Tasmania, if you’re discovered blackout drunk, the cops will take you home, tuck you into bed and take a selfie on your phone so that you remember exactly what occurred the night before. What sweeties.

Credit: PA Reece was having a belter of a night out when the authorities picked him up -however did they clap him in irons, slap in

a prison cell and give him a significant fine? No. Apparently that’s not the method in Australia. Rather the 2 police officers took him house and put him in bed. That’s service for you. That’s essentially royal treatment!

Then, cos the two cops were undoubtedly having a lot of enjoyable with Reece, they took a selfie to remember the moment.

Credit : Reddit/d CtrldKilla Of course, someone uploaded it to< a href=""> Reddit and everybody was super impressed by Australian coppers.One user wrote:”Let me get this straight. You black out, polices discover you, and you awaken in your very own bed and not a jail cell/drunk tank? What fairytale land do you dwell in?”

But it’s not the very first time polices in Oz have actually taken drunk individuals home after a huge night out.

Credit: PA A user called YeahThanksTubs shares a similar story about a flatmate who the police took house in Brisbane: “Great on them! A couple of years ago when I was living in a shared home here in Brissy I had the two constables knocking on the door at 4 am holding my housemate up while he was offering a drunk shit-eating grin and the police officer says, ‘He’s lost his phone and wallet, we found him outside the Gabba and he said he lives here’.

Old mate had a big day at the cricket drinking in the sun, backed it up at the German club which the polices had a bit of a laugh about it told him to drink some water and discarded him on the couch.”

The police service for you.

Included Image Credit: Reddit/d CtrldKilla


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