Sources in Trump’s White Home report conferences to assemble a network of deniable wetwork

/ Uber admits it breached 57,000,000 accounts, then bribed the hackers to cover it up, now they’re paying a top ex-NSA legal representative to teach them transparency

Uber’s Chief Gatekeeper Joe Sullivan and his leading assistant have both been displaced of the business in an act of penance for the discovery that the company suffered a breach in October 2016 where hackers took personal data from 50,000,000 riders and 7,000,000 chauffeurs, consisting of 600,000 motorists’ US driving license numbers; Uber […]

Teardown of a consumer voice/location cellular spying gadget that fits in the suggestion of a USB cable television

Mich from ha.cking purchased a $25 “S8 data line locator” gadget– a cellular spying tool, camouflaged as a USB cable television and marketed to the general public– and did a teardown of the gadget, providing a glance into the world of “trickle down monitoring” where the kinds of surveillance tools used by the NSA […]

You can pay exactly what you desire for this Adobe CC training

Mastery of Adobe apps is encouraged, if not straight-out required for entry into imaginative market roles. To take your abilities beyond basic Photoshop, we’re offering the Adobe CC Lifetime Proficiency Package in the Boing Store for a pay-what-you-want price. This collection consists of 9 comprehensive sections covering the important parts of Adobe’s Creative Cloud. Building […]

Have a look at 10 fun equipping stuffers under $25

Not all holiday gifts need to be game consoles, premium mobile phones, or expert video camera devices. To assist you discover a great equipping stuffer (a gift apéritif, if you will) for under $25, we’re marking down some of our preferred items from the Boing Shop by 15% with voucher code GIFTSHOP15: IllumiBowl 2.0 All joking aside, […]


Sources in Trump’s White House report meetings to assemble a network of deniable wetwork/black ops spooks to target Trump’s political enemies in the US and elsewhere

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